Learn from the psychotainment copywriter

Learn from the psychotainment copywriter

Tell us about yourself

I'm Arnold Flores and I'm based out of Wyoming, United States.

I'm a Freelance Psychotainment (Psychology + Entertainment) Copywriter and Marketer. I help onlines business owners write “fun and sexy” copy for their landing pages and increase sales.

I previously worked on a variety of landing pages with Twitter networks. This is a new avenue of business for me and as of now, occurring testimonials are coming in. A great value for me and gaining a new audience.

Interesting facts about me: I was a coal miner for 13 years. I self taught myself with marketing, copywriting and business writing.

What content do you produce?

I produce tweets loaded with psychotainment tips. Most of my audience is looking for copywriting and marketing tactics to improve sales and get attention. I find that tweets with ONE intention is the best way to gain more engagement and lead generation.

How have you grown your audience?

Yes I have grown my audience. I keep it simple. 20% content, 80% engagement. Engaging with bigger accounts (10k to 50k) and engaging with their audience has been a great way to start building relationships. Bonus: Twitter Spaces is and EASY and FAST way to build an audience. Each time I ask to speak and leave value on a Twitter Space, I gain 5 to 10 followers. And they are real people!

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

Great question! I have started leads with free landing page reviews every Wednesday. After I collect more data, I am able to create a new lead magnet with confidence. The key is leverage the data and give the market what they want, without guessing! More to come in the coming weeks.

Where can people find you?

You can find me on Twitter @aflorescpywrtr and at my website at www.arnold-flores.com.

And here is an essay that grabbed a lot of attention.