Why you need to have a clear goal when creating

Why you need to have a clear goal when creating

Tell us about yourself

I am Arunima Khunteta, a Computer Science Engineer (just about to graduate + PG) and a writer on the side. I have been writing since I was 16 and had the option of choosing to do Literature at Uni. I chose engineering because I felt then, it was a stronger source of income. No regrets. Studying literature might have decreased my interest in writing since we end up hating what we HAVE to study.

What content do you produce?

I have been blogging my thoughts, rants, life in form of WordPress posts for 4 years. Right now, my content is around actionable self growth, and groundbreaking thoughts I have while brushing my teeth. I also write about what I learned from seemingly insignificant stuff like Masterchef.

I’m most active on Twitter where I additionally share my everyday thoughts around the same.

How have you grown your audience?

I didn’t start thinking about growing my audience until last year. I’m trying to grow my audience on twitter for now.

I’ve read loads of guides. But I’ve not followed much tactics except being consistent.

The only principle I follow is to have a clear goal as to why you are growing your audience and act accordingly. If it is for a brand, then you should use tactics, growth hacks to grow faster.

If you want to play the long game, make people follow you for YOU, then, undoubtedly be yourself. There are many accounts out there, but there’s only one YOU.

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

I haven’t monetized yet. Well, if you don’t consider the lil bit I get from WordPress ads sometimes!

I plan to make an ebook to answer blogging questions of non-writers but that’ll be free of cost. I am working on my newsletter as well, which might go on to be monetized, if at all.

Where can people find you?

People can find me on my wordpress blog arunimakhunteta.wordpress.com and on Twitter @ArunimaKhunteta.

My pinned tweet gives an outlook about how I handled writing and crazy engineering university, so that’s one to lookout for.

The About page of my blog has some great recommendations ;) from my Atomic Essays, Short Stories, Mystery Series, How To’s and Self help blogs.