How to use specialized communities for growth

How to use specialized communities for growth

Tell us about yourself

My name is Edward Moy, but most people know me from my handle @edwardrooster

I analyze secular trends in tech and economics, with cross-references through the lens of history, mythology and science-fiction. It's what will stay the same in 10 years meets what has stayed the same for 1000 years.

What content do you produce?

I began with writing about trend-following and macro investing and trading. It was through covering tech investment ideas, that I gravitated to looking at underlying secular tech and social trends. I use Twitter and Substack for now and may move on to Notion + Super or Ghost. I used to just do semi-regular very long-form pieces and short dry weekly investment and trading updates but nothing in-between. I've learned from Dickie, Cole and our fellow Shippers to mix things up.

How have you grown your audience?

For a long time, my growth has not been deliberate. Most of it was a function of the content I originally focused on - investment and trading ideas, which was fed to a medium sized following of 25,000+, on a fast growing investing and trading social network called StockTwits. I shifted my usage habits on Twitter, and will focus on creating for readers interested in secular tech trends and futurism but with a myth/history/sci-fi twist.

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

I have no intentions of directly monetizing. The goal will be to learn and share, and along the way spark real friendships. Opportunities come from creating and contributing to valuable experiences and content.

Where can people find you?

@edwardrooster on Twitter and other social media.

The Big Stack for history/tech content and

Rooster360 for trading/investing content