Create your own product to monetize yourself

Create your own product to monetize yourself

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jake Singer! I am 33 years old, an entrepreneur, and I live in Washington, DC. I am the cofounder of a startup and I write a newsletter. The startup, Swapstack, helps creators monetize via sponsorships.

What content do you produce?

I write The Flywheel, which is a semi-regular (less regular lately) Substack newsletter about business strategy. I also put out The Flywheel podcast, which is essentially interviews that I do for the newsletter.

How have you grown your audience?

I haven't tried much to deliberately grow my audience. My main focus is to write quality stuff, and trust that it will find its way into people's hands!

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

I have barely monetized, but my plan is to sell sponsorships/ads.

I'll use Swapstack to monetize The Flywheel. In fact that's how the idea for Swapstack came about (Scratch my own itch, etc)

Where can people find you?

Newsletter: The Flywheel

Twitter: @jakesing_

Best piece: most popular thus far is the Million Dollar Newsletter.