From private banker to video creator

From private banker to video creator

Jason has been creating great video content as part of Dickie Bush's Ship30for30 cohort. Here, we explore some of his background and how he has grown. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself

I'm Jason, an Aussie abroad based in Berlin. Commercial actor by trade (prev: private banking). I'm using lockdown to explore self productization, currently developing a creator starter-kit for video based content creation.

What content do you produce?

Video, sort of medium form 1-2min. Squeezing between tiktok takeaways and YouTube longer storytelling. I'm currently focusing on twitter but expanding (back) into instagram and tiktok in coming weeks.

How have you grown your audience?

Instagram - previously with modelling and acting portfolio work.

TikTok - learning german in public.

Twitter - ship30for30 - consistent content production and proactive audience engagement

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

Currently building a netflix style video platform, which will be home base for filmed content & future content creation. It's self paced user consumption to begin with, and then more hands on cohort based & coaching experiences thereafter.

Where can people find you?

Twitter: joywithjas

Instagram: joywithjasvideo

Tiktok: joywithjasvideo

You can start with learning how to go from iPhone to pro home studio set up: