How Jesse J. Anderson found his niche

How Jesse J. Anderson found his niche

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jesse J. Anderson and I'm primarily a front-end designer/developer, but also a speaker, writer, content creator, and entrepreneur.

I learned that I had ADHD a few years ago which has made a huge impact in my life—suddenly so many things made sense.

Outside of my career as a designer/developer, most of the content I create is related to ADHD, focus, and productivity.

What content do you produce?

In the last Ship 30 for 30, one of the other members (Alex Monéton) was recommending people give TikTok a try. I recorded a couple of quick videos about ADHD and they exploded. It's been just over a month and I have now 35,000 followers on TikTok.

Outside of the TikTok craze, I haven't produced a lot of public content prior to the last Ship 30 for 30 challenge. But now I'm focused on building content for people with ADHD, and others who are looking for productivity advice, and I primarily release that content via Twitter and pointing back to my own website. I've done some experimenting with sharing that content on Medium and Quora.

I have a weekly newsletter on ADHD called Extra Focus. It's purposefully short with just a few quick sections so that it doesn't become a distraction for my audience and remains quick and easy to read.

I'm also building a mobile app to make it easier to manage reading lots of email newsletters. It's early in development but I'm really excited about the potential—it's a problem I'd like to solve and think we're on the right path. We have a waitlist.

How have you grown your audience?

I've tried to be a lot more methodical with my Twitter engagement. Rather than just tossing my tweets into the abyss, I try to engage with people, which invites them to see what I've said lately! It makes Twitter friendlier and more encouraging for everyone involved.

I've learned a lot more about how to utilize threads and find myself often sharing threads of content. In particular, I've collected all of the essays I wrote on ADHD which I can then share with people who ask for more information. Every time I share that thread, I usually get a flurry of likes and retweets of the different essays and my follower count grows slowly but steadily.

I've also started using Twitter DMs more. Whenever I get a retweet, if that users DMs are open I'll send them a quick message thanking them for the retweet. Often times that message will initiate a nice little conversation and turn into another follow (and friend).

I also end every new TikTok video with a call to sign up for my newsletter. The percentage of traffic that does this is relatively small. My TikTok videos usually get several thousand views, but I'll only get a handful of new newsletter signups each time. Each time I release a TikTok video I'll get another few signups. Slow and steady wins the race. :)

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

I haven't yet, but I'm definitely interested and exploring options.

I think I would like to launch some sort of "Being Productive with ADHD" course. It could be an ebook, videos, an email course, or some combination. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Advice welcome!

Where can people find you?

You can follow me on Twitter and sign up for my newsletter.

I post all of my content on Twitter, but a more permanent location is my personal blog.

If you're looking for more info on ADHD, here's the aforementioned ADHD Twitter thread with links to all of my articles.