Why you need to select the right audience

Why you need to select the right audience

Tell us about yourself

I'm Katerina Bohle Carbonell and I'm at a point where I'm not sure what to call what I do. I work on several projects. They all have something to do with behavioral science - but that's a broad field. More concrete: I write, teach, analyze, advise, support, and build.

What content do you produce?

I write on my personal blog about team dynamics and how to create sustainable and nurturing relationships. This is more from a work context answering the question "How to work with others". For Human-Matter the writing is broader: How to make better decisions? What happens to your identity when you become a parent or move. In both places, the articles are based on scientific evidence.

How have you grown your audience?

LinkedIn has been hugely important for growing my audience. Sharing parts of the article with my network has helped. I'm also sharing it with other communities but in a more selective way thinking about which article is most suitable for which audience.

How have you monetised (or plan to)?

I just started a paid version of my newsletter. I review team tools but from a scientific perspective. I don't care how fancy they look. I'm looking if science supports what the tool is offering. For Human-Matter, we have focused on goal setting & journaling and will be launching our product in a couple of months.

Where can people find you?

Best place to find me is Twitter or LinkedIn. One of my favorite articles is on behavioral synchronicity. I find it amazing that when team members really work well together their physical signs (e.g., heartbeat) synchronizes. Team members do not just copy each other behavior, they behave the same way as if they would be one person.